Claudio Recabarren Madrid—Pianist. Organist. Composer.

His vast career as a professional musician spans decades. Informed by an early education from his father Moises, a fantasist pianist during the 1950’s, his own self-teaching, and private classes from Rene Reyes, teacher at the National Conservatory of Music at University of Chile, his music has bridged continents, transversed languages, and connected people across the world.

Dedicated to his music and those who support him, he has journeyed to Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe, performing on lakes, hills, the tops of mountains, deserts, dolmens, museums, and astronomical observatories...piano under the stars.


Wrote music and designed audio for the documentary Luces del Infinito for Planetariun University of Santiago Chile.
Wrote music for 16 chapters of Sesame Street in New York.
Presented solo piano project “Emerges Misteriosamente” playing piano.
While in Spain, recorded and edited “Arcturus Pucará” with Claudio Recabarren Trío.
Moved to Spain where he lived for 10 years, writing music to the documentary Bosque Hueco, Buscando la Luz, and Hijos del Sol.
Presented solo piano project “Fifth Dimension”.
Presented first solo piano recital “Plenitud”.
Recorded a Latin Jazz project titled “Ecuentro en Tres Acequias” under Claudio Recabarren Trío, playing both organ and piano.
Returned to Chile, founded a recording studio and introduced “Running”, his first CD recorded in Chile.
Joined the group Quasars, an electronic progressive rock band, captivating audiences with his virtuosity on the Hammond organ with bass pedals. Joined the group Wind Up, a funk band based in California.

A pianist and transient passenger of the Universe: that is how Claudio likes to define himself. It may be that these words hold the entire meaning of his work and of his being. He is, first and foremost, a pianist a organist and composer; a artist. That is his occupation, and through it he is full of certainty about his place in this world. It is non-negotiable. Claudio cannot conceive of himself in any way other than with his piano and his music. He is, before anything and over everything, an artist who lives for his art. Anyone who meets him cannot help but imagine him as an old troubadour through the roads, carrying his piano, transmitting music and mystique. He shows himself to us just as he is, stripped away of every shield, like the indigenous man preparing for the ritual. That journey through the universe can be interpreted as a search… a two-part search. There is the spiritual search, the one to find his own persona through the roads of his internal universe. This is the road that has brought him from the San Bernardo of his birth, in the south of the world, to a small town in the mountains of the old European world, while passing through the modern Babylon of the United States. This personal exploration has moved parallel to an imaginary line… the search for a defined musical style. The rock of his youth, the classical music in his early years in Chile, the Jazz and Latin Fusion of his stay in the U.S., the pre-Colombian tribal rhythms during his return to Chile, and even the flamenco during his current stay in Spain are the influences that have molded his work. These are all steps, driven to find a language that can explain his person, the world, life… the universe.

—Máximo Beni González
music historian

translated by Daniela Recabarren Bustamante

© 2018 Claudio Recabarren Madrid