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Piano Under the Stars is an AstroArt fusion film for dome theaters by pianist/composer Claudio Recabarren Madrid. The film features original piano compositions with ethno-symphonic musical arrangements such as voice, wind, and ancestral percussion. Original immersive imagery lends artistic, cosmic layers to the work, creating a sensory relationship with the music being performed. Produced in Chile, Spain and distributed by Spitz and Evans Southerland USA company, Recabarren’s collaborators include artistic director Juan Carlos Vidal and his team in Santiago Chile, the musicians Monica Gramme, Tommy Caggiani, Rodrigo Qowasi and you... Victoria Saenz-Laguna D.

Release 2020

Piano Under The Stars

Original songs by the pianist and composer Claudio Recabarren Madrid, inspired on the sky, stars and the universe mysteries contemporary piano style with influences of ancestral Chilean rhythms. This recording is a selection of the songs that are on the records Fifth Dimension, Arcturus Pucará and Mysteriously you Emerge. Musicians play in Arcturus and Pucara VíctorSanchez, Tommy Caggiani , Eva Rada, Ernesto Holman and Rodrigo Qowasi. Art and painting by Sabrina Recabarren B..


For this album I returned to Chile and composed five pieces of original music fusing styles such as funk, rock, jazz, latin, and most importantly Chilean ancestral and folk rhythms. I recorded and played organ with bass pedals on the legendary Hammond B3.

I also recorded two pieces of musical arrangements by myself titled "Take a Train", composed by Billy Strayhorn with typical jazz bass pedal, and "Encadenados Bolero”, composed by Carlos Brizt Bremauntz. Sergio Tilo Gonzalez on drums, Simón Gonzalez on electro-acoustic guitar.

Recorded by Jorge Esteban and produced by Miau Productions.

Arcturas Pucará

This album registers the celebration of the summer solstice on the hill Pucará in Chena, which is located in the central zone of Chile. Pucará contains an architectonic jewel that belongs to the Inca culture. Although it was originally thought to be a fortress, recent technology has revealed a new theory–Pucará is believed to be a ritualistic site with an astronomic observatory.

Over the course of 7 years, Claudio recorded Arcturas Pucará in Spain with his group Claudio Recabarren Trío (double bass: Víctor Sanchéz, drums: Tommy Cagianni, and piano: Claudio). He also collaborated with artists Kepa Junkera, Eva Rada, and Chilean artists Rodrigo Covacevich and Ernesto Holman. Thanks to you...Victoria Saenz-Laguna D.

Encounter in "Tres Acequias"

Latin Jazz recorded in Tres Acequias, Valley of Maipo, with Tilo Gonzáles on drums, Ernesto Hollman on Bass, and Rafael Padilla on Latin Percussión.

Mastered in Los Ángeles, California. Recorded 1994 in Chile and USA.

Misteriously You Emerge

This work narrates the notes of my piano during the last 5 years of my life in Rioja, Spain. Contact with its nature, its villagers, its forest, its rivers, its eolic language, its animals and silence are the ones that have inspired my piano. Thanks to you... Victoria Saenz-Laguna D.

Edited 2008 in Spain.


Recorded live in the historical Jesuit church Calera of Tango in the Valley of Maipo, Chile. This work has been presented successfully through concerts in Chile, Venezuela, and the United States and defines the author's current artistic evolution.

Edited 1997 in Chile.

Fifth Dimension

This album is an invitation to time and space. The music was born in Mexico on a tour to study the astronomical Mayan culture in Yucatan and the city of Mexico. Additional compositions were later added in the Valley of Maipo, Chile. Music from Quinta Dimensíon has spread widely among a general audience.

Edited 2002 in Chile.


In 1978 I traveled to the United States to study, work, and adventure. I had the oportunity to learn a new system, MIDI, which connected instruments to a computer—I was fascinated. I lived in California for 10 years, many times playing the piano at home; music with no name. One day my daughter Daniela, who was about 2 years old at the time, began to run in a circle around me and said "...dad plays running."

1989 in Chile writing and editing the first CD of my career, recorded digitally and released for sale. Running represents the experience of moments on the beach, the melancholy of my family and friends in Chile, enjoying the sun, my daughters and their mother Paula. Female vocals, Mónica Cortes. Recorded in Chile, mixed in the United States, published 1989.


Carillón of San Clemnte

Moisés Recabarren Araneda (1920-1990) prominent pianist and composer of the 1950s. In his walk this Sanbernardino boy listened to the sound of the carillon installed in the tower of the Church of San Clemente on San Alfonso street with its three voices that sound with their melancholic song over the old houses of the old Villa Eyzaguirre de San Bernardo, Moisés in his mature stage is inspired by this carillon and composes the concert to be performed by his sons José Fernando on organ, Claudio Recabarren on synthesizer, members of the group “Quasars” and Moisés on piano. There was not a good audio record left, but the concert score stayed with me, although Moisés and José Fernando are no longer in this physical plane, I decided to study all the instrumental parts of this concert, finally, this recording with my interpretation is dedicated to me Father Moisés, great musical and spiritual guide in my walk in life , so that his work remains in space and time. "The Carillon of San Clemente". FOR YOU MY DAD ... CLAUDIO. Music Style Classical, recorded 2021 and release 2022


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